Bella Jeanisse

Forever Urges


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A Rockstar Romance set in the World of Triple Threat.

Lead guitarist, Dominic Spinelli, is happy as can be. He is sure life has finally stopped throwing him curveballs. Boy, is he wrong. First one of his bandmates get news that makes his heart ache, then a new rumor begins and brings back the pandemonium. What next?

Noelle Young is finally ready to settle down completely. She is floored when something innocent is skewed and her life is plastered in the tabloids again. It seems as if everything is falling down around them. When will this ever stop?

What do the major changes in each band member’s lives mean for the band? Can they handle yet another scandal? Will the brotherhood stay intact even with Dean going off the rails?

Gasoline is an erotic Rockstar Romance series starring a well-seasoned band who never expect to find love. All 5 books are now available:

Book 1 – Gasoline

Book 2 – Persistent Urges

Book 3 – Evolving Urges

Book 4 – Forever Urges

Book 5 – Final Urges

Warning: For those 18 and over only. Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, what more could you want?


Review excerpts:

“OMG I loved it.”

“Another great rockstar romance from a rockstar queen of an author!”

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September 30, 2017

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Bella Jeanisse lives for rock music. Addicted to concerts, Avenged Sevenfold, fictional rockers, and blasting music in the car, she can’t get enough. After her father turned her on to Queen, there was no going back. Of course, it didn’t stop there. Playing guitar became a pastime, which didn’t turn into a career… until she started to pen her fantasies and publish them.

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, she grew up with access to clubs like L’Amour and CBGBs, hung out in Greenwich Village, as well as had plenty of friends in bands. No wonder rockers stayed on her mind. Bringing her ideas to life was a long time coming.

She is now living near Tampa, FL with 3 kids and 3 grandkids, as a single mom. Her family supports her writing even when it seems to take up more time than they feel is necessary. Can’t stop the muse, ya know!

Besides erotic rock star romances, Bella also writes about wild bikers, hot college men and more.