Forever Girl


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Nothing is more annoying than a hot guy who knows it. 

He was a bad boy.

Off limits.


My life was too complicated, everything about him screaming trouble. 

But then my world fell apart. 

Alone and adrift, I never guessed that one of my misadventures would turn into a night of discovery. 

The instant pull left us breathless.

But I wasn’t sure that I could entrust my secrets to someone who might be just a bit more broken than I was.

 Except, I was hooked on the promise of forever




This book is so much more than sassy girl meets bad boy, it’s more than this focal plotline. Erin’s coming of age story, is a raw and sometimes brutally honest and bare accounting of the key relationships in her life and how she has not allowed them to shape nor define her.

I had a few laugh out loud moments and some that made me want to cry for her. Early on you realise she is an old soul and has been through way to much, hidden by her quirky personality. In Reece she finds the first person who really sees and accepts her, family baggage and all. Reece is a bit of a dark horse at first, but after a while he grows on you and you find yourself rooting for him. Wishing the guy could catch a break, not only from those around him but also from himself.


Ella Williams really outdid herself with this debut book, and I could tell that she put her heart & soul completely into it. I know Forever Girl is inspired by true events so that makes it even more heart wrenching in my opinion, so I’m still raw from the insane intensity. It’s a coming of age story that centers around Erin, which was almost brutal in it’s emotional telling full of painful angst. Her life events really revolve around major relationships, and whether good, bad, or indifferent, she’s not allowed them to shape her into something she’s not. Reese is the bad boy that I wasn’t sure about, but somehow, the talented Ella Williams made sure he grew on me somewhat, especially when he accepted Erin despite all the baggage she had to lug around. I laughed, cried, yelled colorful metaphors, cheered for Erin & Reese, and seriously got pissed at life not giving them a break throughout this journey, but never doubted that this was a realistic story that I’ll never forget! I’m ready & impatiently waiting to see what’s up next! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ALL!


This is one of those stories that the author had put her heart and soul into, and the 5 star rating just does not give this novel the justice it deserves. Erin is a feisty character, and Reese is the bad boy, who can see beneath the persona that Erin portrays, and accepts her for who she is. This is a wonderfully written story, which flows seamlessly, and is an emotional and heartbreaking read, and is filled with humour, angst, and is a raw, gritty and powerful story. I cannot wait to read the next book in this amazing new series, and I recommend this authors’ work for all readers.


Ella Williams definitely blew it out of the water with her debut book!! Forever Girl is inspired by true events which makes it even more heartbreaking!! Erin is feisty and comes with ALOT of baggage and Reese is the typical bad boy with attitude to match!! This book made me laugh, cry, cheer and I will admit swear out loud a definite rollercoaster ride!! I LOVED this book and highly recommend it you won’t be sorry!!

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