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Explosive Encounter

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Foster Halsey has been burned by life, by love.

Recruited to the Task Force 779 elite team after a nasty divorce, Foster only wants to serve his country. He has no interest in anything except the art of explosives and saving lives. After nearly losing a team mate, and witnessing the pain his family went through, Foster is more determined than ever to remain unattached.

Until a mission sends his team to Mexico to rescue the estranged daughter of a CIA official.

Their attraction is explosive.

But she’s been burned worse than him.

Everett Gaines was searching for answers.

After finishing college, Everett only wanted some R&R after a troubling discovery. She wanted to lay back on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta and enjoy some time alone. Life has a way of kicking her when she’s already down though and soon she becomes the victim of a kidnapping.

Acts so violent and gruesome that she never imagined are forced upon her until a savior explodes through her prison door. After a failed escape, Foster vows to protect her at all costs. With risk to his own life, Everett see’s something in the solitary man.

A longing to be someone’s everything at a time when she needs him most.

One Explosive Encounter leaves them breathless and Foster wants more. But Everett pushes him away. Refusing to hear him out and why they could be more. Foster won’t let go though and when sinister forces come rushing back, Everett is forced to rely on Task Force 779 to keep her safe. 

After the pain ends and secrets come to light, will Everett still be alive to make the choice her heart desire’s or will Foster be left an empty shell from a lost love?

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October 15th, 2019


KL Donn

6 reviews for Explosive Encounter

  1. Heather Dee

    This book has left me wondering how she does it another must read hit by Kl Donn ❤️

    wow a powerful action packed intriguing book that left me on the edge of my seat from the first chapter until the last definitely a must read book and series …..

    Kl Donn knows what she’s doing and everyone of her books just keeps getting better and this book was no exception!

    I will warn there is definitely some triggers in this book but nothing to graphic….

    I ❤️ loved it ! ..
    Can’t wait to see what Kl Donn writes next ❤️ ❤️ ❤️…..

  2. Sandy Nikolas

    So good! I think Foster is complicated. He is well written and so great for Everett. Lots of action and suspense. Everett has lots of emotional hurdles to overcome. The trauma is well written and Everett is an extremely strong character. There’s a little bit of separation,mostly due to a misunderstanding. Ares is a wonderful secondary character, I so hope he gets a story. I can’t wait for more!

  3. CarolDawn1208

    Evie and Foster’s story is simply fantastic. Super emotional? Yes! But, fantastic. Explosive Encounter is the second book in the Task Force 779 series. I am in LOVE with this series. I love Alpha male books and a good heroine in danger that still has a badass side. KL Donn never ever disappoints with her plots, her worlds or her characters. Reading one of her books feels like a personal journey you go through yourself. That’s how good she is at pulling you into a story. This book is one that once you start, you just can’t stop. So, remember that before you even read that first word. Get comfy, because you won’t be moving until you’re finished.

  4. Lynne Garlick

    I have made no secret about how much I love this author and I get super excited every time she releases a new book. This time is no exception!!
    Foster and Everett meet in the worst kind of circumstances imaginable, but he feels a connection and will do anything to protect her. Secrets are exposed, lives blown wide open. It will take Foster and his team everything to bring this to an end and keep Everett safe.
    My heart! This book gave me ALL THE FEELS! Inhaled in one sitting because once started there was not a snowflake’s chance in hell I was putting this down!! Fully invested!!!
    This author delivers, every, Damn, time!!

  5. KaciErin

    Foster and Everett…these two stole my heart. For me their relationship was a bit of a slow burn in the sense that they don’t just immediately get together on page 5. They both have issues and things they need to deal with, they run from each other in fear, and they build a foundation strong enough to support their love. I loved the character development you get to see with Everett throughout this book and I love how she seemed to be able quiet some of the “Chaos” within Foster. He made her feel loved and cherished and gave her a support system she didn’t know she needed. This is only book 2 in this series and in my opinion better than book 1. I can only imagine how good the next one will be!!

  6. Jacquelyn Black

    Task Force 779 series started with such an emotional story I knew that the next books in the series were going to be just as explosive and boy was I right. K.L. Donn really wove a beautifully tragic love story between Foster and Everett.
    Foster and Everett meet under horrific circumstances and this story takes you on a journey of them coming together after Foster rescues Everett. Everett has a hard time trusting after what she has been through and Foster is plagued by doubt about their relationship. Both of them have to overcome, push through and learn to be brave with each other.
    I really loved the little nuggets Donn drops about the other characters. you get mini little insights into potential couples and future books. I love all of it!
    This is definitely worth the read and should be read after book one.

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