Evergreen: Love in Los Angeles Book 1.5


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Home is where the heart is. Especially around the holidays. But when your life — and your loves — are scattered around the country, navigating the winter season can be hard.

When bisexual, polyamorous TV star Liam Campbell returns home to New York City for Christmas he discovers his best friend (with benefits) Charles has recently embarked on a new, serious relationship. Thrown by the shifting nature of that connection, Liam seeks advice from his chosen family of ex-lovers, current lovers, and colleagues. But with each of them focused on their own pursuit of holiday cheer, Liam is forced to put his fear aside, take a deep breath, and ask for what he wants.

This holiday season novella is book 1.5 in the Love in Los Angeles series. While this is low-angst and high-heat story, please be aware that the larger series is high-angst and includes characters with a past history of self-harm.

This title was previously published by Torquere Press. This is a newly updated, expanded, and revised edition.

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