Sleeping with the Senator: The Complete Erotic Novella


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Now get all three Sleeping with the Senator stories (Friends & Lovers, Her First Time, and All Tied Up) under one cover!

The complete erotic novella includes five hot scenes.

Friends & Lovers

Late one night in the office, handsome Senator Kirk Norwood and a buxom friend who looks like a beauty pageant winner can’t resist their feelings for each other.

The lovers have a wild session – unaware that Jen, the senator’s college intern, is spying on them. Will the innocent young woman get so excited she has to pleasure herself in her hiding place?

Her First Time

Shy college intern Jen pleasures herself repeatedly with illicit pictures of her boss, Senator Norwood, making love to a female friend. The college girl can’t plunge her fingers into herself forever…eventually, she’s going to need a real man’s touch!

Jen puts a plan in motion to seduce the hot senator and discover if he’s into younger women. Can the horny senator resist “breaking in” his innocent intern? Is she ready for the older man to take her hard and raw for her first time?

All Tied Up

A tabloid rag obtains a video of married Senator Kirk Norwood making love to a female friend.

Washington fixer Lyn Moreno springs into action ready to do whatever or whomever it takes, including BDSM tied down tickle torture, to “manhandle” the urgent situation.

Senator Norwood pays Lyn back in a way she never expected – hard, raw, and from behind!

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Publication Date

November 2016


Gayrotica Press

Manuscript Word Count

22, 719

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