Tara Mills

Dark Storms


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Recently discharged from the Navy, Gabriel Nadeau is looking forward to his new job as head of security for the Pelican Cay Resort. Confident island life will suit him, he’s ready to regain his land legs and call it home.

Born and raised on Pelican Cay, Adriana Hernandez doesn’t romanticize the island the way the tourists do. She sees its limitations and yearns for more beyond the blue horizon.

Drawn to one another by the very things that should discourage them, the former sailor and the beautiful free spirit fall head over heels right when all hell is about to break loose on the island. As they help batten down the hatches in a race against the oncoming storm, they have no idea the hurricane isn’t the only danger they’re about to face.



ISBN: 1533104719


Adriana took over the office when she got back, leaving Mimi to handle the front desk and reservations. She wanted time to pull Gabriel Nadeau’s file, though she had no reason to investigate him and certainly no authority to look through his paperwork. Her mom had better not catch her snooping.

Age: thirty. Thirty? That surprised her. He didn’t look much older than she was, but he had five years on her. Unmarried, but that didn’t mean he’d never been married.

There was his old address in the states. Jacksonville, Florida, just like he’d said. Noticing the cell phone number, she wondered if that would change now that he’d moved. Probably. But these were all useless. What she wanted were details they couldn’t and wouldn’t ask for on a job application, like exact height. Gabe was at least six feet tall, his body toned and muscular. Even in his loose cargo shorts, she’d noticed his tight round rump. Something else they should start putting in a man’s file, she thought with amusement.

He had nice dark espresso eyes, long lashes, and thick chewable lips. She couldn’t stop thinking of him in edible terms. Even his creamy milk chocolate skin made her melt. And that voice of his, naturally low, full and rich. Delicious.

Gabe had a great smile, but his deep laugh was irresistible.

Decision made, she was going to be his personal tour guide, show him Pelican Cay, introduce him around, and get to know him a lot better. Hopefully, he’d be amenable to the plan. Something told her he would be. He was subtle about it, but he’d checked her out just as carefully as she’d examined him.

She hoped he liked what he saw.

Quickly shoving the three sheets of paper back into the folder and returning it to the drawer, she’d only just moved the mouse to bring up their receipts spreadsheet when her mom walked in.

Rosa Hernandez hung her purse behind the door and bent to kiss Adriana on top of the head.

“Anything happen while I was away, mija?”

Releasing the mouse, she turned with a smile. “Yes. Gabe Nadeau came in.”


“Gabriel, but he prefers Gabe.” Seeing her mom’s confusion, she offered more. “Our new head of security, remember?”

“Oh right, right. What did you think of him?”

Swiveling casually back and forth in her chair, she admitted, “I have a good feeling about him.”

Her mom looked pleased and thoughtful. “I don’t know why, but I got a good feeling about him too, just from talking with him on the phone. Isn’t that strange?”

Adriana threw out her hand and shrugged. “He’s got one of those calm, soothing voices. Maybe that’s it.”

“Could be.” Sitting at the second desk she asked, “He’s had the tour then? Knows his way around?”

“Everything. He’s all set to work tonight.”

“Wonderful. Thanks for taking care of him for me.”

“My pleasure. Anything I can do to help.”

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July 1, 2014


Sherman Hills Press

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