Dark illusion (Famiglia 3) mobi


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I’ve always been the dutiful best friend to Braxton De Luca, the Don of the Italian Mafia. But being associated with the Famiglia comes with certain… understandings. I’ve been hiding, never acting on my deepest desires for fear that once the Famiglia find out my secret, it’ll be my blood being spilled next.

But when the chance to get away for a couple of weeks presents itself, I jump on it, figuring time spent on the beach soaking up some rays is exactly what I need to recharge. That is until a chance encounter with a stranger my first day in Caye Caulker, Belize, threatens twenty years of buried secrets.

Will I finally admit to myself and the Famiglia what I want? How will the Famiglia react when their illusion of me is shattered?


Falling in love again was never part of the plan, and certainly not with someone who was supposed to be a vacation fling. Definitely not with someone who turns out to be my new boss. But the more he pulls me in, the more I find myself falling for him.

Our love is forbidden by those he calls family, but neither one of us can stop whatever is growing between us.

He has secrets, but so do I. He hides from those he holds dear. I hide from a nightmare.


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