Crashing No More


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Conquered Demons. A Batshit Ex. No More Running.

“Talk about a whirlwind of a read. This book has EVERYTHING… An exciting read that will leave you wanting more from her in the future.” ★★★★★

Finally having conquered a controlling mother, an impossible ex-girlfriend, and personal demons, Lana and Kayden can now focus on a future together:

♥Exciting new adventures
♥Scorching-hot sex
♥And love neither had experienced before.

When they take a breath after a whirlwind of a night, their recent past comes crashing toward them putting a fast end to their short-lived joy.

Kim has escaped the clutches of the law, Maureen is out for blood and the town is buzzing with scandal, gossip and fear.

With Lana’s family begging her to leave Hamby and Kayden behind, she has serious decisions to make about her future. Will she confront her enemy head-on and fight for the man she loves? Or run back home to familiar faces, letting fear, self-doubt, and intimidation win?


“Like a fine wine, RL Jackson’s writing becomes richer with age. Crashing No More is a finely crafted romance that will keep the reader turning pages in a feverish pitch to follow the characters to the finish line. Out of the gate with a bang, family drama ensues, along with some deeply rooted secrets that may tear the young lovers apart. Get out the popcorn and be ready to be entertained. Crashing No More has it all, romance, drama, mystery, and excitement. Fasten your seat-belt for an action-packed ride that careens to a combustible conclusion.”-Carole P. Roman, Award-winning Author

Reviewed by Teri for SJ’s Book Blog:
“Talk about a whirlwind of a read. This book has EVERYTHING and although sometimes it can be overwhelming it is a really good read. There are loads of characters and sometimes you can get lost as the excitement and intrigue unravels. Hackers, and psychos and lies, and blackmail and all kinds of undercover madness. It’s a miracle this author pulled it all together so well. I do have to say Lana really stepped up and I was glad to see her get her Big Girl pants on and step up when it was time. Kayden did keep his wits about him and didn’t resort to old habits. There is loads to keep you invested and also the chance to watch the characters grow stronger.

This is the authors debut series and she has in my opinion done it well. She didn’t allow the story to become stagnant and provided enough information where it wasn’t overly done but balanced well. An exciting read that will leave you wanting more from her in the future.”

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