Crashing Into Me


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One Wicked Storm. Forced Proximity. Endless Temptation. 

“Absolutely loved the twists, turns, and suspense from beginning to end…well written with amazing characters…” ★★★★★ 


She thought her life was on the fast track. After all, her career was soaring, and she was about to marry the love of her life and get started on a family. That is, until he left her at the altar and her life imploded.

A year after, she was still picking up the pieces, when an embarrassing reunion convinces her to flee. Tucked away in a beautiful, secluded mountain estate, Lana finally finds her peace of mind. Until she comes face to face with her new unsuspecting roommate anyway.


He was handsome, wealthy and influential and had grown accustomed to a privileged upbringing.  He was used to getting anything and anyone he wanted and hearing the word, “No”, was almost foreign to him. The one time his money and looks couldn’t help him change the past, plays on repeat in his mind and his grief over the anniversary of his brothers’ death, prompts him to seek his own getaway. When he arrives, Lana was the last person he expected to find there.

❤She’s feisty, stubborn, and undeniably gorgeous.

❤ He’s arrogant, flashy, and hotter than the sun.

❤ She’ll do anything to stay away.

❤He’ll do anything to get close.

Forced to ride out a winter storm together, a connection blossoms, but unwelcome guests threaten to interrupt their unsteady foundation. Will their newfound passion burn bright enough to open up to each other, or will outside forces put out the flames, for good?


Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite
“R.L Jackson has crafted a novel that is compelling with characters that are real — emotionally and psychologically strong. The conflict is introduced right off the bat and the reader is keen to follow Lana, self-absorbed and anxious. But she makes a surprising journey towards the conquest of her inner freedom when this new guy comes into her life. I enjoyed the fact that Kayden, though rich in his own right, is presented as inwardly broken and struggling with serious questions in his life. Now, the reader follows the pair as they explore each other’s worlds, wondering if they can find themselves in each other. Crashing Into Me is a title that features a great plot, strong characters, and the kind of pacing that makes it hard to put aside. I also enjoyed the graceful prose and the evocative style of writing.”
Reviewed by PennyMindingMom

At the end of the day, when the kids are all tucked in bed I love to sneak away and have a few quiet minutes to myself. Most recently I could be found reading “Crashing Into Me” by R. L. Jackson. The author has created a contemporary romance with interesting characters that are defined by their unique life experiences. I love that neither character is perfect. They are flawed just like the rest of us. They both carry emotional baggage that developed from painful experiences in their pasts. The story shows us how your personal experiences make you into the person you are today. We see how these feelings shape whom you become and the decisions and actions you make through the lives of each character.

Ms. Jackson will transport you to a small town, nestled in the mountains through her very descriptive storytelling. She will make you feel a full range of emotions from contempt to empathy. She shares the characters memories and experiences to the point where you feel like you are really there, sharing in the moment.

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