Crashing In On Love


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After crashing a wedding in Jamaica can two strangers find love?

Tamara Reed is a jaded divorce lawyer with a “tiny” soft spot for love. After one hot night with Ben Thompson, she wants to forget it and go back to real life. But what’s a girl to do when island boo comes tracking you down? Do you take this unexpected opportunity with both hands? Or let fear of the unknown keep you alone?


After crashing a wedding in Jamaica can two strangers find love?

Tamara Reed spends her days seeing the worst that love has to offer as a divorce lawyer. Yet she still finds herself drawn to weddings and a secret part of her heart still believes in love. Crashing a wedding while on a much needed vacation, finds her meeting a tempting man. He not only catches her attention but sets her blood on fire. After an intense night with him she sneaks home to forget her vacation fling. That’s easier said than done, as memories keep her up at night and her vacation boo tracks her down. Is she ready to take a chance on love?

Benjamin Thompson went on vacation for a little work and a lot of relaxation. Who knew when he took a detour to watch a random wedding he’d get a chance to “play” as well. The woman he meets takes his breath away and knocks his socks off in the sheets. Barely exchanging any info before having the wildest sex of his life, he wakes up to find his sexy siren gone. Hooked after one taste, he tracks Tamara down only to find that she wants to keep their passionate night a onetime deal. As a successful Realtor he’s accustomed to tough negotiations. But he’s determined to close this deal no matter what it takes.


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