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Colin Garrison


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Colin Garrison is a young man who has a plan for his life. He’s waiting till he turns eighteen, to make the life he envisions for himself a reality. His mother, Mamie Garrison, has a different idea, now that an emergency has presented itself. She needs Colin to leave right away on what may turn out to be a wasted journey. His father, John, has left the home. Only a letter remains addressed to Mamie, and she wants Colin to attempt to find John and bring him home. John is fighting the demons left with him from fighting in the Civil War. Colin must fight his own wants in order to put his family first. Thus, the story begins.
Colin’s travels will bring him fear, love, trials, but most of all the knowledge of what it means to be a man. As he travels through the post-war Southern States, he relies on the strength of his upbringing, and the special gifts of his sister, Emily, to keep him on the path to finding his father.
In this, book two of my series, The Garrisons, the story of Mamie and her family continues. There are old and new characters. There are the problems of the post-war, post-slavery south; the rise of the KKK and the convict labor system. There is a dual story-line that features Bella and Andrew from book one, as they encounter their trials with family, and the growth of their love for each other and their new baby.
Will Colin find John? Will John return with him? How will Colin and the entire Garrison family be changed by Colin’s journey? What does the future hold for Bella, Andrew, and their child?

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December 22, 2017

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