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Broken (Winchester Academy, Book 3)

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Note to self: don’t sleep with the gorgeous, tattooed, motorcycle-driving hottie after a friend’s train wreck of a bachelorette party. 

Especially not when he looks at you like he wants to devour you.

Especially not when he’s a little younger looking than you.

Especially not when it turns out he’s your newest student. 


Ethan Scott is the kind of man your mother warns you about. Reckless, cocky af, damaged, beautiful, of course, and completely irresistible. And if that weren’t a long enough laundry list of reasons to stay away?

…He’s also eight years my junior, and my student at the private high school where I teach art.

Winchester Academy’s newest bad boy student—my student—is utterly off limits. The problem is, he’s also gorgeous, tempting, addicting, and has me wrapped around his freaking finger.

The other problem is, I already slept with him.

He’s the firecracker waiting to blow, the spark that sets off the fire. He’s broken, and this whole thing could break us both. But something about him makes me go crazy. Something about him makes me say yes instead of no.

Something about him has me aching for more, no matter the consequences. 

…This might be a problem.

Each of the Winchester Academy books are completely standalone stories, with no cliffhangers.

As with all my books, this steamy novella is safe, with no cheating, and a HEA guaranteed.

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22 reviews for Broken (Winchester Academy, Book 3)

  1. VikkiB82

    I’m absolutely loving reading this amazing series, each book can’t come quick enough till I get my next fix. Broken is my new favourite, Ethan is sexy as hell and hot all over, couldn’t say no to him which is exactly what happens to Emily, even though she’s his Art teacher. I love the flow of these books and how all the characters link. Can’t wait to read Ethan’s twin brother, Jamison’s book. That will definitely be an interesting read. Well done Madison!!

  2. Raquelq90

    Loving this taboo series just keeps getting better. Emily is going through a tough time when she comes across a hot guy in an ally and proceeds to have the hottest night of her life. Emily thinks she will never run across her hot stranger only to see him the next day in class as her student! What follows is a scandalous and very steamy read with a very hot and mature younger guy.

    Voluntarily read and reviewed an arc of this book

  3. mmsmisty

    Deliciously taboo!!!

    Emily is having a rough go of things lately. She catches her fiancé banging his secretary, loses her apartment and gets kicked out of a bar. Then she has some good luck and ends up having the best s*x of her life with a younger man in an alley. But OMG, said younger guy ends up being her new eighteen year old student at the high school she teaches art at…lol. This is a taboo, scandalous read and I loved every single second of it. I highly recommend it and I’m looking forward to the next book in this series called Banned!!!!

  4. Susan Stegemann

    Just like all of Madison Faye books, I loved it! I can’t wait for the next one in this series! The little peek you got at the end of Broken, just got your juices flowing for the next one in this series!Highly recommend you read this great story and all the rest of the sexy and smutty series! The Queen of Smut does it again!

  5. Aunt G

    This is the third book in this wickedly delicious, forbidden and sinfully hot series. In this book we get Emily and Ethan’s story. This is a student/teacher, older woman/younger man romance that delivers lots of naughty with an equal helping of heart. I thought that the pull of attraction between these two characters was practically gravitational. It simply could not be ignored or escaped. Their chemistry sparked and sizzled and their intamate scenes were scorching hot!!! The entertaining storyline offers a tempting blend of intense emotions, tension and drama. I loved this book and can’t wait for more of this incredibly enjoyable series.

  6. Lene

    I love the fresh take on the teacher/student theme. When they first meet she doesn’t know, but the next…well then she just can’t resist.

    It is over the top steamy, and if you enjoy thst then you’ll love this one.

    I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book.

  7. mdgraham2003

    Broken by Madison Faye is another excellent read by this author.
    Book 3 in the Winchester Academy series – can be read as a stand alone.
    A super hot, sexy read with a HEA.
    Emily & Ethan are great characters with amazing chemistry.

  8. Vivian C

    “Love is never wrong. It’s never “forbidden”, it’s just not understood sometimes.”

    That is my favorite line from this story. I loved this addition to the series. There is a little role-reversal in the fact that the “barely legal” student is a male and the teacher is female. I guess what’s right for the gander is also right for the Also, if you actually think about it, this story also has a message about believing in yourself and your talent.

    *I received an Advance Reader’s Copy of this book which I am voluntarily reviewing*

  9. DeeDee

    “I received a copy of this book as a ARC for a Voluntary, completely honest, and non-incentivized review.”

    OMG!!! Madison Faye is on fire and just wont stop with these hot and sexy as hell, super fast reads she keeps putting out for us to read. All i can say is OMG…. keep’em cuming!!! If your looking for a fast read that’s over the top with yumminess, then this book is for you. Highly recommend you grab up “Broken” (Winchester Academy, Book 3)…. you won’t be disappointed ♨️

  10. Lilu

    This is a voluntary ARC review. I loved this story. OMG, the beginning, with the hot AF, tatted ripped bike riding alpha. Swoon. A true alpha has no age, either he is or he isn’t, and this story, he is. The best part, is that from the very beginning, this story had my undivided attention, clear to the awesome ending. Read this book and you too will go into book stalker fan mode, and you’ll enjoy the ride.

  11. Tracey7191

    Omg what a filthy and fun little read. Nicely written with great characters and a fabulous add to the series. My favorite one so far…

  12. aprilrenee76

    Broken by Madison Faye is the 3rd book in an very hot and steamy , no holes barred series! Book 3 just continues that rollercoaster ride of steamy scenes and feels that will have you rooting, craving and just enjoying the chemistry between Emily and Ethan who are teacher and student- the much taboo/forbidden relationship but theirs is much more than the heat. Theirs has heart. Get ready for the HEA. I can’t wait for book 4!!!

    My Rating: 4.5 stars *******

  13. LadyRiann2u (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved this book! It was wickedly HOT and deliciously taboo. Madison Faye never writes a dull book.

  14. nicloza (verified owner)

    There are times when a book series gets old and boring, this is NOT one of those times! Broken is the perfect addition to the servers. Fresh, and new, the twist on the age gap was so seamless, and a little taboo, which is exactly what you get from Madison Faye. I had a little bit of trouble downloading the book, I bought it twice, just in case I made a mistake. Madison Faye is the only author I would buy the same book twice, in the same day!!! Totally worth it! Loved Broken!

  15. Stacie

    This is a voluntary ARC…. And boy did I love every minute of it. I don’t usually get weepy eyed reading Madison Faye but this story had it all…. A hot cocky hero and a sassy sweet heroine. The story just flows and when your not fanning yourself over the incredible sexy times, Ethan and Emily are drawing you in. I don’t want to give anything away but yeah I got Misty eyed . But as always Madison protects our hearts and it’s a beautiful HEA ‍♥️

  16. Marlene_D

    Emily Hayes had a bad year, first her fiancé was having an affair with his secretary, then she got kicked out of the bar because of her reaction to a rich sleazy man at the bar got her tossed out of her friend’s bachelorette party…but walking back toward Winchester Academy where she moved into faculty housing as she was new art teacher…she sees someone spray painting a mural on an alley wall…the artist in her soared, the piece was fantastic. The beautiful young man in front of her stopped and prepared to leave…but the two just clicked after a short conversation and the resultant one-night stand was something Emily felt good about…until she discovered Ethan, an 18 year old, was her new student the following Monday…but you will need to read this steamy older woman, younger man story to see what happens and if they have any future together after Winchester Academy. I read this story through an Advanced Reader Copy.

  17. stephanie gregory

    I am voluntarily writing a review for a ARC I received. I loved the reverse of the woman being the older teacher and the guy being the student. They are off the charts chemistry right from the start and the hero didn’t give up pursuing her until she gave in and accepted they were meant to be. Super hot book in the series and I highly recommend reading it and the other in this series. They can be read as stand-alone books. It are even better if read together.

  18. Tonja

    Love the spin on the taboo of this one. Incredibly hot and drool/drip worthy! The way he goes after what he wants…whew so sweet. A must read in this series that is scorching hot!

    I received an advanced copy for a honest review.

  19. Cate

    Emily and ethan… Just hot, hot, hot,
    I think this is my favourite book in this series (till the next book)
    This is definitely my favourite series of madison and I love Al her book. But this series is incredible, I’m constantly on the edge of my seat for each new book.
    I am voluntarily leaving this review after receiving a ARC copy of this book.

  20. Mariah Hughes

    There is no one who does naughty kink like Madison Faye. On top of the kink is the love story we all wish would happen to us. I loved this book! I am living for this new series. This is book 3 in the Winchester Academy Series.

  21. Romance lover

    Woo, this book is smokin’ hawt!! This is book 3 in the Winchester Academy series. It’s a flip from what we have been reading from Ms. Faye as it’s an older Female teacher/younger Male student romance. It is steamy from the beginning and only gets hotter. It even has some tears thrown in to shake things up a bit. I LOVED IT!!! I voluntarily received an ARC copy of this book and I am leaving an honest review.

  22. Tai Nelson-Barnes

    I don’t usually like older woman/younger man stories but this one is awesome. Ethan is an alpha male that is hot and a student of Emily’s.

    Madison does this story some great justice with this student-teacher dirty read. Loved it

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