Tara Mills

Britt and the Butler


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It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.

Britt doesn’t care for her friends’ plan to set her up with a total stranger that weekend. However, when sinfully sexy Harrington appears, she reconsiders her objections. The script is fine. It’s the cast that needs to change. After meeting the man intended for her, she knows she’s right. Only the butler has bothered to ask what she wants. Her answer is simple—him.

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She’d swum a few laps and now Britt was lazily floating on her back, kicking her feet ever so gently while waving her hands to keep from sinking. With her eyes closed, her body and mind were blissfully relaxed.

She didn’t hear Harrington’s footsteps on the patio until he reached the far end of the pool. The water in her ears had muffled the sound. He cleared his throat. Aware of him now, she craned her neck, smiled when she saw him, then drew her legs around and dove. Rising for breath, she swam straight for him. He watched her the entire way, looking far more scrumptious than any butler should.

Once she reached the curved underwater steps, she took her time, giving him a special peep show while water ran down her body in glittering rivulets. His reaction was everything she hoped it would be. She decided to take him down with both barrels. Raising her arms, she smoothed her wet hair straight back, knowing it lifted her breasts at the same time. They jiggled provocatively as she climbed toward him with her sexiest smile.

He noticed.

“Seems a sacrilege,” he said with a note of regret and held out a big, fluffy towel.

She shook it out and began to blot herself dry. “What is?”

“Giving you something you can use to cover yourself.”

She laughed with delight. “Who said I want to cover up?”


ISBN: 978-1724410160

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July 28, 2015


Sherman Hills Press

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