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Big Daddy: Tale of a Hot Wife


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Clarisse was just an 18-year-old small town girl when she met and married a much older man named Jackson Brooks, who takes her out of her humdrum life and makes all her dreams come true.

Although they have a very happy and active sex life- Jackson thinks Clarisse didn’t get to experience much before they married and fantasizes about seeing her with other men.

Initially opposed to it, Clarisse gives into the hot wife lifestyle but soon realizes her favorite part is her Big Daddy’s punishment role-playing afterward. And the worse she behaves for Daddy, the more he has to do to turn her back into his good girl. Because Big Daddy never lets her down.


Excerpts from Big Daddy: Tale of a Hot Wife

When he wanted me to call him Daddy, things were always about to get dirty.

“Do you trust me, baby?” 
“Of course I do. Why? Am I being naïve?” I stared at him wild-eyed, afraid I was just a young and gullible fool.
“You can trust me. I love you. I adore you. You came into my life when felt terrible about myself and never saw me as less of a man. On the contrary, you’ve always made me feel second to none.” Jack leaned in closer and touched my lips with his finger. “I have a lot of fantasies about you, baby.”
“You do?” I slid lower on the bed, cuddling up to him at his pillow. “Like what?”
“Well many of them we’ve already done and there is one I’ve been thinking about a lot. I fantasize about seeing you with another man.” He let his words out slowly, knowing my brain could explode.
“Excuse me?” My mouth fell open and my eyes must have glazed over in shock.
“Before you ask, I have no interest in being with other women. I’ve been with enough women in my life and there isn’t anyone I could be with that would top you.” He took me into his arms and kissed my forehead. “This is about me watching you.”
“But you’re enough for me too. No one could top you for me either. I don’t want you going around thinking that this is something that I want, that I’m longing to be with other men, because it isn’t.” I sighed into his chest. “Tell me the truth, Jackson. What is this about? Are you unhappy with me? Are you trying to set me up to cheat on you?”
“No, baby. If I thought you were the kind to cheat on me, I wouldn’t consider this, but I trust you completely. I know that if I watch you with another man, it would still be about us, that you’d be getting off for us, because it made you feel good, and it made me feel good to see you feel so good, not for the other guy. That’s a lot of trust to have with someone.” He pressed his body against mine to show me how hard he was just talking about it.

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