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A battle-weary vampire warrior. An independent woman. Are they impossible or unstoppable?

Katie’s a ballsy lady who lives by her own code and flouts convention. Involved in Berlin’s resistance, she runs into trouble with both the Nazis, and the warriors who defend the vampire race her actions threaten to expose.

Max is cynical and exhausted. Sent to arrest Katie, he’s moved by her idealism and entranced by her beauty and spirit. To keep Katie by his side, he recruits her to track a sinister Nazi organisation.

As Max and Katie’s passion deepens, so does the betrayal and treachery encircling them. The Nazis aren’t their only problem. Hiding in the shadows is the vampire race’s oldest adversary. Is his offer of help a poisoned chalice?

When victory turns to tragedy, Max must reveal his biggest secret and trust his old enemy.

He has nothing to lose.

Sometimes, to win all, you have to risk all.

If you like sexy vampire warriors, strong, independent heroines, sparkling romance and action-packed adventure; you’ll love this page turner from Miranda Jameson.


“Beautifully Written and I fell in Love Right Along with the Characters!”

“What an incredibly well-written book!! Not only is the paranormal story completely sound (and long ~ just perfect for my liking) but it is placed in, on, around, and with completely accurate historical information from WWII Germany and Europe. What a challenging combination for the author to write but I’m beginning to suspect nothing is beyond the scope of Ms. Miranda. ;)”

“Definitely interesting and different from the other “paranormal” books out there”

“I loved it because it wasn’t yet another regurgitation of the same old stories with the same old love triangles and angst and denial of love…no, this was different and intriguing. Give it a chance and I think you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised!”

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