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Being Allie


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I had my entire life in my hands until fate laughed in my face and tore it away.

I let myself go to a dark place that consumes me and threatens to never let me go.

Until I hit rock bottom. 

With nothing left to lose, I claw my way into the light with the help of friends, family, and soothed by the sweet, sweet buzzing of Fox’s needles inking my skin.

My name is Allie Stevens and this is how I came to be the new me.

*Being Allie is book one in the Allie & Fox duet. It ends on a cliffhanger and their story will be resolved in book two, Loving Fox.


“Lynne Leslie will pull on your heartstrings throughout the book. You will feel every emotion written as you follow Allie’s journey through her anger, sadness, depression, and addiction.

Allie and Fox have a connection that is undeniable. You can sense all the hurt and all the devastation surrounding the characters as they all try to get through to Allie.

This story is raw and so real. It is heartbreakingly beautiful. Lynne Leslie will have you captivated from the very beginning and will have you in all the feels. This is a must-read book!” —Dee, its.gottabethebooks

“If you have been along for the ride and read all of the books in this series you know you are about to experience a woman shredded. If you haven’t it’s ok since each of these books can be read as a standalone but be warned you are cheating yourself. While each of these stories was written by this author know that in each one her characters have your emotions all over the place but none will gut you like Allie’s story. Ms. Leslie is a sadist and takes us through the tunnel of grief Allie is so lost in and makes you feel her pain. The deep pain of loss, the anger, the betrayal, the deep anguish of not only one loss but two. The journey Allie takes to keep the pain at bay isn’t the easy route. She will hit bottom and take you with her. You will be captured from the first page, you won’t throw your kindle because you can’t bear to be away from the story that long. But you know something she doesn’t know. She will never be alone because this author will draw you in until you become Allie and you like Fox won’t breathe until she does. This isn’t an easy or pretty story so prepare yourself, you have been warned.” —Teri, Goodreads Reviewer

An emotional struggle with words. A read that is impossible not to feel let alone see every beautifully written word as it sinks into the depths of your mind and flashes with vivid reality before your eyes engulfing your heart. This story is well captured and refuses to lease the gripping hold making me want more. A frantic storm of emotions that excites, depresses, angers and rips your heart out all while chewing you up and spitting you out making me desperate for more riding the edge turning the pages as quickly as my surroundings allow. I loved every rough raw word and don’t hesitate in recommending this brilliant read to others.” —Treasa, Goodreads Reviewer

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Publication Date

August 14, 2019


Lynne Leslie

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74, 555

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