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Barely (Winchester Academy, book 7)

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Off limits, forbidden, twenty years my junior…

And in way over her head.

She needs saving. I need to keep away.

But one taste of those sweet, innocent lips, and I’ll fight like hell to keep her safe.


I had no business looking at her like that. No business wanting her, craving her—the caveman in me roaring to claim and take.

Of course, that was before I realized who the girl in the mask grinding on my lap was.

Her name is Brynn Henley. She’s eighteen—barely—and one of my students at the private high school where I’m Principal. She’s out-of-bounds, but then, she’s also out of time and out of choices.

Some bad, bad people want her for themselves. They want to take her from me, and hurt her, all to settle a debt to the mob her father owes.

…They’re going to have to come through me first.

I have no business with a girl like her. Too innocent, too untouched, too barely legal. But I’ve had a taste, and now, I’ll have the rest.

This forbidden heat could engulf and burn us both. But the mob made a mistake. They came after what’s mine.

…And nothing is going to take her away from me.

Each of the Winchester Academy books are completely standalone stories, with no cliffhangers.

As with all my books, this one is safe, with no cheating, and a HEA guaranteed. 

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October 18, 2019

18 reviews for Barely (Winchester Academy, book 7)

  1. VikkiB82

    Yes Sir!! – Fantastic opening to this story, went straight in and got your attention. Glad Principal Kane got his own story, I liked his character from previous books. He was very alpha male, strong and protective, exactly who Brynn needed in her corner and they found hot passionate love together. Hope this isn’t the end of Winchester Academy, think there are so many more stories to be told. Have loved every book, Madison Faye out did herself.

  2. Susan Stegemann

    Wonderful book by Madison Faye as usual! I love this series and couldn’t put it down! Highly recommend you read this fast paced and smutty series! The characters are so believable and sexy! You need to get a fan so your kindle doesn’t catch fire because this series is hot and getting hotter with each book! Keep up the good work and long write the Queen of Smut! Madison Faye we love your books!

  3. Letitia bennion

    So glad that we get another book in this wonderful set. It of course is another forbidden story, both older man/younger woman, but also principal/student. There is obviously the same melt the pages passionate scenes between them, this one also hits your heart for Brynn’s predicament. It broke my heart what she was facing! And then add in the danger and fighting! Wow!

  4. ElysianF

    The author flips the script once again. I was expecting a hot story but this one was hot and beyond sweet. I loved the age gap and the interesting characters. I loved the idea of two people who are made for each other finding each other and fighting for each other. The dialogue in this story was amazing and worth the read, I could not love it more. This is the last (I believe) in this series but it was the best. I am such a sucker for a sweet insta love story. If you are new to this series you can start with this one, they are all standalone but you will want to jump into the rest afterwards!

  5. nicloza (verified owner)

    I had been waiting for this book, and the waiting seemed endless. Madison Faye had been teasing us with tidbits about Colton all throughout her Winchester series. Well the day came, the day finally arrived, and well, it was pure perfection. Colton is the perfect man, broken, protective, sexy, all the adjectives you want in your hero. Barely is just plain wonderful. I loved it from beginning to end, and then again from beginning to end (I re-read it twice). I am one of the readers who owns every one of Madison’s books and never once has she written a bad, boring book. The HEA is always guaranteed!!

  6. DeeDee

    “I received a copy of this book as a ARC for a Voluntary, completely honest, and non-incentivized review.”
    OMG!!! If your looking for a fast read that’s over the top, hot, and sexy as hell with yumminess, then this book is for you. Actually, anything that Madison Faye writes is for you. Highly recommend you grab up. ” Barely “(Winchester Academy, book 7) you won’t be disappointed ♨️

  7. Vivian C

    I have loved every book in this series. “Broken” and “Banned” had been tied for my most favorite… until now! This one has that honor. I absolutely adored Colton! He epitomized the possessive, protective Alpha male. I liked the fact that even though her “world” fell apart, Brynn didn’t. She realized that things would change and she was determined to figure them out. Luckily Colton was there to help.

    *I received an Advance Reader’s Copy of this book which I am voluntarily reviewing*

  8. aprilrenee76

    Sizzling Hot!! Barely by Madison Faye is taboolicious! Full of feels, action and forbidden principal/ student romance. It’s the kind of read that has you enthralled from the start- Principal Colton and student Brynn- they are characters who have you rooting for them and draw into their story. Without giving spoilers away – their chemistry is intense and the heat that spills into the pages is red-hot. Get ready for drama, angst, twists, forbidden love, age-gap, older man/younger woman // principal/student… it’s the end of the series and it definitely goes out on a bang. Love the characters and the plot. Would have liked more than the HFN ending(just my opinion)..would have liked more of a HEA ending but overall fabulous story…i

    My Rating: 4.5 stars ******

  9. mmouse

    Madison does it again. I don’t know how but this series just keeps getting better and better. The dynamic between Colton and Brynn works for them. They keep the balance between steamy hot and protective caring perfectly.

  10. Aunt G

    This was another fun and steamy addition to this series. I liked Colton and Brynn. They had great chemistry and their scenes really sizzled. There was quite a bit of action and excitement in the storyline, along with heat and emotions. If you are a fan of forbidden romance or are just looking for a hot quick read, you cannot go wrong with this book or any other from this series.

  11. Marlene_D

    Brynn was an 18 year old student at Winchester Academy, whose world was falling apart. Her father was being investigated, then arrested for a Ponzi scheme, jumped bail and can’t be found. Her step mother also disappeared, and to make things worse, her dad owed money to a mob guy, Lorenzo Tonelli. He owned a strip club, coercing Brynn to work there to pay off $300,000…Principle Kane came into strip club because a friend of his was having his bachelor party there, he was watching girl dance, wearing underwear and mask. He could tell something was off, like she didn’t belong there, then his friend bought him lap dance, only to discover one of his students…after taking her out of the club and back to his house on campus, Brynn told him of her problems….but you will need to read this steamy story of a man 20 years older than the girl he falls for…I voluntary read this book through an Advanced Reader Copy.

  12. Daria

    Now this was more like the Madison Faye I really like, kind of reminded me of her Stealing Beauty and her Royaly Screwed books (which are my Fav)

    Tabooish, *grins* A Principle that was totally not what he seemed (to me), you think straight-laced ect.ect. But he is but more even a bit of an edge to him. Loved.

    Teacher teacher, I’d even say pet but again more than that, both know its all kinds of wrong but ohh feels so right. That durty naughty that’s all Madison. This one she throws a bit of OMG danger! To think they’re are baddies in her story makes it intriguing. *winks* grab it read it enjoy

  13. mmsmisty

    What a wild ride!!!

    Colton is the principal at Winchester Academy and while at a strip club for a bachelor party his friend gets him at private dance. That dance is given to him by a very sexy girl and he is definitely turned on. When her mask falls off he is shocked to find Brynn, who’s Barely legal and one of his students!!! This is a fantastic story with a “holy cow I didn’t see that coming” twist at the end. It’s a great addition to the Winchester Academy series and I highly recommend it!

  14. Lilu

    This is a voluntary ARC review. Oh, I loved this story. Fitting perfectly into this series, just as over the top, and oh so naughty. I loved the action part of this book, and don’t even get me started on the perfectly Faye’d ‘special’ alpha male!! This was a perfect combination of all of my favorite things. Can’t wait to get a print copy!! Loved this book!!

  15. shellisblessed

    I loved this book. This book is my favorite in the series. The characters are great! Their story was captivating, fun and steamy. I was glued to my kindle. Check this out! So worth it! I am voluntarily leaving my review after reading an advance copy of the book from the author. I am ready for more!

  16. Tonja

    This one is so good! I love the alpha man protective thing, so hot! The ending was totally unexpected but great. Be prepared to read in one sitting…it is that good.

    I received an advanced copy for an honest review.

  17. Lene

    This series just gets better and better, or steamier and hotter.

    I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book.

  18. Tai Nelson-Barnes

    There has been a really really sexy and naughty Principal, and Brin wants him. Although Principal Kane and Brin never had any sexual thoughts towards each other until one night at a bachelor party, now that they can see each other in a different light, they can not keep their hands off. What are they to do? Brin needs help in any way she can get it. And Kane is willing to help.

    Barely is a beautiful story, and I couldn’t put it down. A must-read!

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