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Bait (Winchester Academy, Book 1)

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There’s bad, and inappropriate, and scandalous, and wrong.

And then there’s giving your virginity to your gorgeous and dominant high school government Professor, on his desk, five minutes after you turn eighteen.

Oh I’ve been a bad, bad girl…

Winchester Academy is home to a lot of things – the spoiled rich kids of the world’s elite, ivy-covered walls, typical high school drama and angst, and him – Professor Oliver Bard. Dominant, alpha, and completely freaking gorgeous.

I know he looks at me, even if he sees me as forbidden fruit—tempting, off-limits jailbait. But I’ve been obsessed with him for way, way too long, which is why I purposefully got myself thrown into his infamous “midnight detention” on the eve of my eighteenth birthday.

Just the two of us, alone, watching the clock tick down.

Yesterday, this would be illegal. Today, it’s just plain wrong. Wrong, sick, morally reprehensible, and achingly hot.

This could ruin him, and put a scarlet letter on my back for the rest of high school. But once I feel those big hands on me, and once I get a taste of his perfect, forbidden mouth, and once he shows me things I’ve only ever dreamed about, imagining him, I know there’s no going back.

I know I should say no, but that’s a little hard to do when his mouth and hands and…well, other things are only making me scream “yes, professor”…

Each of the Winchester Academy books are completely standalone stories, with no cliffhangers.

Hot, wild, and insta-love galore, with an utterly obsessed alpha hero and an untouched, very, very off-limits heroine. If you love over-the-top, slightly unrealistic, and wildly dirty stories, this one’s for you! As with all my books, this steamy novella is safe, with no cheating, and a HEA guaranteed.

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September 2, 2019

34 reviews for Bait (Winchester Academy, Book 1)

  1. Kathy Mccalmon

    This is an older man younger women romance. The chemistry between the two characters is phenomenal. Lots of steamy and panty wetting scenes. If you love over the top and really dirty romance you’ll love this. Awesome story.

  2. bookbunny

    Prof Oliver Bard is drool worthy and Anastasia has naughty plans. She has been a bad girl. Wishes do come true if you wish them hard enough and put out a little bait. I love how dirty Oliver talks. Oh My GOD, I would be wet too if I had a Professor that looked that good and talked that dirty. I would LOVE to be in Anastasia’s shoes right now. This book is HOT HOT HOT!!! I agree with Madison, that this is not for the faint of heart. This is so naughty. If you have issues with this kind of story than this is not for you. But it is most definitely for me. I do have to say that I have had fantasies like these. I love it.

  3. Susan Stegemann

    As usual with Madison books books I couldn’t put it down! I loved it and highly recommend you read this great and smutty book!

  4. Aunt G

    Oliver and Anastasia’s romance is scorchingly hot, naughtily forbidden and fabulously filthy. This older man/younger woman, student/ professor story was in my opinion sinfully delicious. This couple’s relationship dances right on the edge of propriety, so if that is not something that you will enjoy, you will want to look for a much more conventional romance. However, if like me you like a book that has plenty of sizzle and a love that is true and strong enough to stand against all odds, then this is a read not to be missed. I loved it and can’t wait for more books in this enticing series.

  5. Jessica Ramsey

    Characters = 4/5
    Plot = 5/5
    Romance = 4/5
    Mystery = 1/5
    Action =  2/5
    Darkness = 0/5
    Humor = 0/5
    Stars =  4 ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Would I recommend this book = Yes
    Would I read future books by this author = Yes

    First off, I’m not big on high school romance books. I hate the immaturity of the characters. It’s annoying and the plots are always predictable. This novella was not any of that. I actually loved the characters and the plot was great with a huge twist. Also, it was extremely sexy. Melt your panties hot! I can’t wait for the others in this series.

  6. ElysianF

    Hot!! Oh yes this book will light you up! This is the first book in a new series from this author and a must read. If you are already a fan you know what your getting: fun plot, hot scenes, interesting characters and page turning dialogue.

    I loved the heat, of course, but also the characters and their interactions. The way they held back made the hot scenes even hotter. I loved the academy aspect and look forward to more. The student/teacher trope is not really my thing, but well done in this story.
    This author really gets over the top, fantasy and writes it to perfection. I love that I can read them in one setting and still feel satisfied.

  7. Dee Lopez (verified owner)

    Whooey!!! This book personifies Madison at her finest. I was 17% into the book and wasn’t sure I was going to make it but I did!! Be forewarned. You’ll need to take a breather (or a cold shower ) after reading this. And there are going to be 7 books in this series???! Lord help me…#welcomebackMadison ♥️♥️

  8. Marlene_D

    Older man, much younger woman book with a teacher and student as main characters. Oliver is the teacher, and Anastasia is student, who wants the professor to teach her about *** for her 18th birthday. But all is not as it seems at Winchester Academy, so you will need to read this steamy book to see what happens and if this is a taboo relationship or the start of a serious commitment. Marlene Davis

  9. Raquelq90

    If your looking for a quick steamy taboo read then look no further!! You have a hot older stern professor and a very bad young girl. Anastasia has planned it all to a t sent to late late night detention by the her stern hot professor Oliver and just wait for the clock to strike midnight and proclaim her legal. After being tempted for months by his student will be be able to hold out by the obvious chance to claim his naughty student. If you have read Madison Faye before then you definitely know how this will go. All I got to say is the one is very steamy and taboo.

  10. VikkiB82

    Reeled in – I have certainly missed Madison Faye books and this new series was definitely a very hot welcome. Once I started reading i couldn’t put the book down, you would have to literally pry it from my hands!! As usual the storyline wasn’t dragged out, you got straight into naughty stuff from the first chapter, the relationship between Oliver and Anastasia was explosive and passionate, I loved it.

  11. Cassie Gregory

    This book is scorching hot! I definitely 100% recommend this book. The chemistry between Oliver and Ana is off the charts.

  12. Ray

    I loved Oliver and Anastasia’s story! The instantaneous chemistry between them was explosive. This sexy story will definitely have you hot under the collar. I look forward to reading more from this talented author. Definite must read!!

  13. DeeDee

    “I received a copy of this book as a ARC for a Voluntary, completely honest, and non-incentivized review.”

    OMG!!! Madison Faye is on fire and just wont stop with these hot and sexy as hell, super fast reads she keeps putting out for us to read. All i can say is OMG…. keep’em cuming!!! If your looking for a fast read that’s over the top with yumminess, then this book is for you. Highly recommend you grab up “Bait (Winchester Academy, Book 1)…… you won’t be disappointed!!!!♨️

  14. CDreader8

    Bait is a sexy and naughty new tale by Madison Faye. Anastasia is a student who has her eye on her sexy teacher, Oliver Bard. Little does she know he has his eye on her too. At midnight she will be legal age, what’s Oliver to do? Virginity, age gap, forbidden romance, steamy sex, and so much more in this exciting book. Bait is hot, taboo, sensual and captivating and I loved every moment of it. A must read for student/teacher romance lovers.

  15. Michelle Rodriguez (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for a hot steamy taboo book and this author has been in my TBR radar. I was happy to see she had Bait with Eden and after reading the blurb I one-clicked.

    If you like teacher/student, older man younger woman then this will be your jam.

    Oliver is hot and oh so dirty and Anatasia can’t wait until she turns 18. The eye fucking these two do together makes for some ultra explosive sexy times.

    This book didn’t disappoint and I look forward to Ms. Faye bringing the rest of her steamy books to Eden.

  16. Babel

    Half the book is this insane hotness that never ends. Only to take a little breath into dating territory before plunging right back into dirty action again

    Yes, this is what it looks like, a filthy age-gap fantasy that plays with the taboo of professor and student in lust. The clock ticks to midnight, she’s legal, and all hell breaks loose when these two just devour each other’s bodies for hours. Wow, I melted from the heat!

    Actually, there’s some insta-love and surprising little plot twist at the end that really pumps up the style in this absolutely naughty, teasing, dripping wet short story. Scorching-hot start to a very provocative series.

  17. mmsmisty

    Loved this taboo tale!!!

    This was a great story and I loved the characters. Anastasia is in Professor Oliver Bard’s infamous midnight detention, because she was a very bad girl. The chemistry between these two is unstoppable and when midnight rolls around and it’s Ana’s eighteenth birthday, just guess what she wants as a present. This is a great read with a shocking twist towards the end that I never saw coming. Definitely recommend this book as a must read!!!!

    Welcome back Madison Faye, oh how I’ve missed your stories!!!!

  18. Lathronia Jefferson (verified owner)

    After not being able to get Madison’s books from amazon, I was going through withdrawals! And to have Bait be the first thing after going withoutvfor so long, OMG! I needed a shower after reading. If this is the first in the series we are in for a tasty treat! Welcome back Madison, you have been missed!

  19. mdgraham2003

    Super Hot Sexy Read by Madison Faye.
    Teacher / student romance with amazing chemistry between the characters.
    So glad to see your books back out for us to read!!!

  20. Margie Garrett

    I’m so happy to see and read one of my favorite authors again! The first book in the new, Winchester Academy series, by Madison Faye, is “Bait.” When “Bait” first begins, we meet a very determined, calculating, young woman, Anastasia Penworth. You don’t like calculating? Well, leaving her little white, bad-girl panties, in her professor’s desk drawer, certainly got a rise out of HIM! Professor Oliver Bard, teaches the children of the cream of the crop. The elite, the spoiled little rich kids. You know, the kids that get everything that they want. Well, Anastasia wants her hot, studdly, professor, for her eighteenth birthday, and what Anastasia wants… Yes, Ms. Faye pushes it with this one, but she pushes it with EVERY book that she writes, and you LOVE IT! No disappointments with this series launch. Oliver and Anastasia certainly aren’t complaining. Expect drama, humor, many spicy moments, a lot of surprises, twists, and romance as well. ***SIGH*** She’s back, and all is right with the world! I received this book as an ARC from the author, and I volunteered this review.

  21. Cheryl B

    Bait by Madison Faye is a sizzling, scintillating story of Anastasia. She’s a student in Oliver’s U.S. Government course. She’s about to turn 18….and boy, oh boy…does she have plans for her birthday. Those plans involve Oliver and his midnight detention….which she makes sure she is getting. But, Oliver has LOTS of secrets!!!! Secrets that can change everything!!!!

    Oh how I LOVE Madison Faye’s stories!!!! This one is super scorching and a little bit naughty. I LOVED it!!!!! So, glad to see her stories again!!!!!

    I am volunteering to leave a review for an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  22. Lilu

    I received an ARC, and I gladly post my review. I got the first version of Bait. Holy Cow it was good. Then I received my ARC. Holy hot cakes and add a B.O.B., was even better, and I didn’t realized that was even possible. I am a fan of this authors work, and every star I give, was earned. I really enjoy her writing style. It appeases my need for over the top, believable, yet fantasy driven, happily Fayed ever, lust-a-love romance. CST! Cold shower time, sigh…

  23. aprilrenee76

    Sexy, Sassy ,Taboo, Forbidden and Delicious Treat of a Novella Romance by Madison Faye. It’s been a short while since Ms. Faye has had a book out but she comes back with a new series in a totally fabulous way! Student/Teacher romance… with lots of steam and heat that flares between “Professor “Bard and Anastasia that had me needing tons of cold ice to cool me down. Loved the chemistry , passion, plot, characters, and the exciting twist at the end. Would have liked an epilogue to see what happens to Prof. Bard and Anastasia but that’s just my opinion. Overall, fantastic novella read. Looking forward to book 2 in this new series.

    My Rating: 4.5 stars ********

  24. stephanie gregory

    I am voluntarily writing a review for an ARC I received and I absolutely loved this book! it has been a long time since I have been surprised with a twist in a book that I didn’t see coming from a mile away. The medicine face sure did it in this book! I love the chemistry between the two main characters also the plot was perfect with its taboo is she between the characters. Can’t wait for the next book in the series also this book is a stand-alone so you wouldn’t have to read the other books that come next but if this first book is any indication I would highly recommend reading the rest.

  25. Romance lover

    Sooooo good!! This book is fast and steamy from the very beginning. It’s a little on the taboo side, but absolutely nothing illegal. Oliver is a much older teacher and Anastasia is his student. From their first meeting they have had a chemistry that will not be denied. Only one problem, she is only seventeen. They bide their time and when it finally happens, things get hawt and heavy fast. There is a suprising twist to their story that you won’t see coming and it is an absolute must read! I received an ARC copy of this book and I am leaving an honest review.

  26. mmouse

    Deliciously dirty. Tick tock, waiting for the clock. This goes hand in hand with a fantasy I’ve had for a while. What a fantastic way to have parts of it played out. Madison is a master and I am so excited to have more from this private academy.

  27. Heidi rundle

    Omg I live for this book Honnneeeyyyy its Hawt as…… wow wow.

    I have so missed the author’s books and when this hot little number dropped into my kindle I was living through these characters.

    Anastasia is a student at Winchester academy it’s right before the clock strikes midnight and when she turns 18 everything will change.

    Oliver Bard is a professor and one student he cannot get of his mind even though he knows he shouldn’t…. But he cannot resist she is everything.

    “All of me is lost around her. The walls shatter. Morality crumbles. Thoughts I’d never in a hundred years imagined I’d have come roaring like forbidden fire into my every thought, consuming me from the inside out. Around her, I’m weak—lost, adrift.”

    This book was everything and more and the awesome plot twist omg I did not see that coming at all.

    4 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books.

  28. Lene

    Oh I just love Madison Faye’s steamy stories. And this is no exception. I you enjoy your read with a strong beautiful young woman and an older handsome alpha male, then you’ll love this one.

  29. Angela R Davisson

    Another knock out book by Madison Faye. Oliver and Anastasia have a steamy, risky affair at her private school. It’s a quick, enjoyable read that I highly recommend. It’s labeled taboo, but I didn’t see anything to far off about it.

  30. mnm0324 (verified owner)

    Whoa Baby! If you haven’t read Madison Faye and you like quick, dirty, fun reads, it’s time to pick this up. There’s the taboo aspect so be warned but it’s done so tastefully and it’s so hot and dirty, that you won’t want to put it down. Oliver and Ana are sweet and so naughty. I swear my Kindle melted.

  31. nicloza (verified owner)

    After some difficulty with getting my order processed I was finally able to dive into Bait. Let me just say this…… So worth it! I love Madison Faye’s books and own all of them. Bait does not disappoint! Read this book, you will love it as much as I did.

  32. Missy price (verified owner)

    I finished this book a few days ago and I’m still fanning myself. An amazing read, very hot!! The storyline alone will hook you; the sex will keep you wanting more. With some twists and a super cool roommate to cover, these two might have a chance at love.

  33. Tonja

    I will admit I was a little leary of this series due to age. Oh but Madison quickly put me in my place and basically smacked me right on the behind for doubting her! Wow! It is hot and taboo and so scandalous that it keeps you on the edge of your seat and just dripping wet. It’s quite the romace with lots of smokin’ hot loving! Loved it of course!

  34. Tai Nelson-Barnes

    Omg, I missed you, Madison. I was so ready for this book when it hit my Kindle, and I jumped at the book. The problem is I have been so busy that I forgot to review. rolls eyes at myself
    Bait is a naughty older man/younger woman story. I say woman because that is what Anastasia is. It might have only happened minutes before she loses her virginity, but she still is a woman.
    Madison brings her dirty mind back to us in this wickedly delicious story. Just remember this story isn’t always what it appears to be.

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