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Bad Bad Bad

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K.Webster is a very BAD, BAD, BAD girl as she delivers one of the most hottest sexy taboo stories that hit the spot!!!!! I am not gonna lie and will admit that I practically inhaled these two stories and was left begging for more. Seriously, I begged Kristi to write more of these taboo erotic stories. Michelle, Reviewer

OMG – this was exactly what I needed!!! Smut, taboo, sexy, steamy – panty melting! BookTwinsReviews, Reviewer

What a crazy ride! K Webster always managed to amaze me with her unconventional story. BAD BAD BAD is not for everyone. It has a hugeee age-gap between H/h and very taboo. But it really suit my kinky taste without any weirdness. I really enjoyed it so much! Elle, Reviewer

Two hot daddies, check. Alpha AF, check. Hot, check check and CHECK!!! They’re gonna spank you so hard, you’ll be begging for more. I never understood why I like this sort of DDLG relationship but for me it feels so hot. Biana, Reviewer

HOLY TABOO HOTNESS BATMAN!! A thousand times yes… this self-proclaimed taboo treat delivers exactly what it promises. It’s short, sexy, squirmy, smutty & sensational – I inhaled every word. Kate H, Reviewer

Very Erotic! Older man / girl .dirty talk, hot sexy. There is a big ages difference, and I could wait to see where this was going . I love K Webster books and these two Novellas didn’t let me down. Donna B, Reviewer

These books were disgusting… in the best kind of way 🤤 I have to say that my favourite was Kelsey and Brandt – they even have filthy names! Just because there was a lot more sneaking around and Brandt wasn’t afraid from the get go. He took exactly what he wanted. My kind of man! 🙌 Lauren T, Reviewer

Great read if….you like erotica, short reads, taboo stories, and HEA. Side Note: This is EXACTLY what I was looking for today. Something short, a little dark, very sexy, and well written. I have only read one other K Webster book and I freaking loved it. Devoured it in one sitting and this naughty number was no different. This woman KNOWS what she’s doing and her execution is flawless even when it feels predictable. Xavier N, Reviewer


Brandt’s Cherry Girl

He’s old enough to be her father.
She’s his best friend’s daughter.
Their connection is off the charts.
And so very, very wrong.
This can’t happen.
Oh, but it already is…

Sheriff’s Bad Girl

He’s the law and follows the rules.
She’s wild and out of control.
His daughter’s best friend is trouble.
And he wants to punish her…
with his teeth.

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1 review for Bad Bad Bad

  1. Brittany

    Holy hot and sexy taboo! I’m all for the “forbidden” romance stories. I mean who doesn’t love something they shouldn’t have? K Webster is the queen of taboo lovefests! And the shorts in Bad Bad Bad are one of a kind! These stories are short, sexy, and mostly forbidden! If that’s your style than don’t hesitate! If it’s not and you’re curious about them, go grab this book! Promise you’ll forever be joined in the taboo story club!

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