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Anthelion: Love and War, Book 4


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Ash is dead.
Okay, that’s a lie. He’s not. Not really.
Somehow, that doesn’t make things any better.

After reports of a fatal hovercar accident outside the Capital—complete with a charred body and DNA identification—it seems at first that all is lost in the Shadow Wing’s quest to infiltrate the Premiere’s inner circle.

But one member of the vigilante group refuses to accept the evidence of his human comrade’s death. Draven knows Ash. He knows that devious mind, and more importantly, he knows the martyr complex that lies beneath it.

He should know. Draven is also a master at hiding. He’s done it for most of his life. Now, though, he’s done living in the shadows.

Can Draven track down a man who is so intent on not being found that he would stage his own death to prevent it? And if he does succeed in finding Ash, what then?

No one ever said that emerging from the darkness of the past was easy. No one ever said that forbidden love was painless.

Especially when the object of that love is convinced he’s damaged goods.

* * *

From USA Today bestselling author R. A. Steffan comes a sizzling sci-fi romance series, perfect for fans of J. R. Ward and Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Strap in tight, because all’s fair in LOVE AND WAR.

Author’s note: Ash and Draven are gay. This is their story. If that’s an issue for you, please don’t purchase the book.



“Draven and Ash have been dancing around each other, never truly accepting their feelings for each other. When the news of Ash’s death reach the Shadow Wing Draven refuses to believe it. After so long living a double and dangerous life it seems Ash’s luck ran out. I was looking forward for this story to be told and it didn’t disappoint.”

“I’m a reader of all kinds of romance, so I was not at all concerned that this series got an M/M one (actually, I’m quite happy, especially since the series as a whole was already avoiding being too formulaic and this only helps it stand out positively). It’s really about the characters’ journeys and the plot arc of the series as well as the actual romantic scenes. It’s not natural or realistic to have a group of friends where no one is gay, and I applaud Steffan for building real characters I’d love to meet in person and hang out with. This story shows a careful treatment of trauma and asks important questions about the rights of sentient beings without the politics seeming forced upon you.”

“I want to first point out I am a straight woman who has never read a M/M romance before, it never occurred to me I might be interested in doing so. But I have loooooved the first 3 books of this series (especially Pax and Nahleene) and there’s no way I’d have missed a single one— and more importantly, the love story between these two characters has been so carefully and lovingly set up along the way that I have been literally counting the days to this release— not kidding, I have a countdown app on my phone and this was on the top of my countdowns! It was absolutely worth the wait.”

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May 3, 2019


OtherLove Publishing, LLC

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USA Today bestselling author R. A. Steffan lives in a very boring (but pretty) part of flyover country in the Midwestern US. When she’s not busy writing stories about people loving each other in all sorts of different and interesting ways, she can be found taking care of her small menagerie of critters.

A rebel to the core, she is currently sticking it to the man by illegally harboring ducks within the city limits, where only chickens are allowed. This fearless disregard for societal norms extends to her writing, as well. There, you will find polyamory along with straight, gay, bisexual, and non-gender conforming love of all flavors. You will also find families of choice, profound friendships, adventure, danger, and good triumphing over evil.

That, and sex. Lots of sex. Most of which is not the vanilla variety.