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Angelica: The Fallen Angel Series


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Do you believe in love at first sight?

I didn’t; in fact, I didn’t believe in love at all.

That was until the man with the dirty blond hair rescued me from hell.


Angelica has spent her short life in servitude.

Unofficially married at twelve and caring as best she can for stolen and abused children wasn’t the servitude she expected, though.

When Angelica realised she needed to run, or die trying, her only hope was that the Sartorri family would take her in.

She hadn’t banked on the man with the blue eyes and the dirty blond hair.

She hadn’t banked on falling for someone twice her age and who couldn’t even speak her language.

It was doomed to fail….wasn’t it?

Readers of the Fallen Angel series first meet Angelica in Fallen Angel, Part 6 and it is recommended that you ask about Angelica before reading this novella if you are not familiar with her backstory. This novella will be uncomfortable reading for some.


Angelica is best read AFTER Fallen Angel, Part 6 due to its contents. If you’ve read FA6 then you have met Angelica and you would have been forewarned of her backstory.

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Tracie Podger, Author


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Tracie Podger is a multi-genre author and recommends that you read the blurbs and check out the categories before purchasing. She’d hate for the thriller lovers to receive an erotic romance ;)