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Accidental Obsession

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I am Cross Malcolm.
And I get. What’s. Mine.

Cattle are simple.
You take care of them; they take care of you.

Women, not so much.

They’re fickle, stubborn and emotional.
They’re time consuming and unapologetic.

And yet, I can’t live without her.

She’s passion and sin.
Heartache and innocence.

Isabella Sharp is every man’s weakness.
She’ll bring me to my knees.
And in return I’ll worship her with my dying breath.

I am Cross Malcolm

After the secrets and through the lies…
Past the darkness and into the light…

I get what’s mine.

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July 9, 2019


KL Donn

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4 reviews for Accidental Obsession

  1. Heather Dee

    Heartbreaking….. beautiful…. tragic …… wonderful….. loved it ❤️

    Oh my gosh Kl. Donn knows what she is doing I absolutely love each of her books and this book Accidental Obsession is a must read….I read it all in one sitting I just couldn’t put it down ….

    I have been waiting oh so not patiently for Cross’s book since the first book Obsessive Addiction was released and now the wait for Crew in Arrogantly Obsessed lol

    Definitely a series to read and not to be missed !

  2. Mindy McCray

    OMG!! I love those Malcolm Boys!!! I can’t say that enough.

    KL Donn delivers another 5 star read! If you love a protective, over the top alpha male who loves deeply, willing to do anything for those who he loves, then you’ll enjoy this book! I can’t wait for Crew’s book!! I’m obsessed with this series!!

  3. Annemieke

    I cried for the first 10 pages, this is so great, emotional, too short, I liked the suspense but I would have liked a little more.
    I have this feeling that there should be more but it is what it is, it is an amazing story. This was my 1st ARC from KL Donn and I am looking forward to more

  4. Lynne Garlick

    Oh. My. Days!! Those Malcolm Boys have stolen my heart!! KL Donn has done it again!! Giving you characters that you fall unapologetically in love with! I just hand my heart over at the beginning of every one of her books and to be honest I don’t mind if I don’t get it back!
    Once I turned that first virtual page, I struggled to put my kindle down to go to bed last night!!
    Cross Malcolm………sweet baby Jesus this man! Protective, growly, determined to do all he can to protect those he cares about….that sound was my heart melting! Not going to lie, tears were shed, words were shouted at my kindle, but I would not have it any other way!

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