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Um, I haven’t seen anyone have this filled out yet. But I write all across the romance spectrum- although less often do I write cishet, monogamous couples. I’m disabled, queer, and different. So is my writing. If you’re expecting sappy, over-the-top romance, you won’t get that from me.

A Little’s New Holidays


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I’m sometimes 4, 12, or an adult. Those are in my head and behavior- I’m physically an adult. Bad memories make most holidays hard so my Daddy let me create 12 new ones. You know you wanna join me for a year of a Little’s New Holidays.

I’m always a person into BDSM- no matter what age I’m feeling. So some of the holidays include sex, whips, and other toys of an adult nature. But I like to color too. Stuffed animals are also very, very important. As you enjoy the story, you’ll have to see what age I am.

Publisher’s warning (or promise, depending on your point of view): BDSM, Ageplay (It’s BDSM involving consenting adults), sexual intercourse, coloring, tea parties, bondage, nonbinary people.

But please, don’t think on the warning/promise too much. Some chapters don’t have much or any sexy times or BDSM activities; these chapters are sweet, fun, and cute- just like me!

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PIcture of person with long orange hair hanging to one side. They are wearing a black shirt. A messy room is behind them.I live BDSM, I write BDSM, so announces Joelle Casteel while clinging to the stainless steel, locking collar around her neck. Okay, so not just BDSM, even if that’s her main interest. A myriad of descriptive labels to explain his sexual, romantic, and relational ways of being- these and more fit into his writing. Yes, I’ve used both she and he to describe myself; I’m a non-binary, transmasculine person and only my Master is welcome to call me she. Beyond kink and non-monogamy, words about gender and sexual interest that rest outside the binary of “male/female” are among the things you can expect to read. A rebel with a cause, a distrust of authority outside negotiated BDSM is something you can also expect. While being “other” in many ways himself, he also prizes the inclusion of the “other” in his writing, leaning on the lived experiences of friends and strangers who have experiences not his.