Our Story

Our story is a simple one: a romance reader and blogger got mad.

It started in August 2017, when Kristi Webster’s, THE WILD, got banned across the board. The book was marketed and written for an adult audience who were fully aware of the taboo romance in store. Well, NOT in store, in this case. Kristi was forced to sell her book via her website only.


Moving forward, to January-February 2018. A major online retailer started blocking and banning more books within the romance and erotica genres. Authors were falsely accused of violating terms of service, and their accounts were closed. Readers were limited and, in some cases, banned from leaving reviews. Authors were scared, readers were frustrated and, well, our founder got mad.

Really, REALLY mad.

While the concept of Eden Books is one Robyn Crawford had for years, she didn’t commit to developing and launching the site until March 2018. After talking to her friend, author and editor, Bronwyn Green, Robyn found the encouragement and courage to begin development. Using her contacts within the College of Business at the University of Florida, Robyn connected with the Collaboratory for Women at the UF Innovation Hub and found additional support among other entrepreneurs as well as her two incredible business mentors.

In September 2018, the Kickstarter campaign to raise the needed capital to bring Eden Books to life was successfully funded thanks to 189 backers. Our goal of $10,500 was exceeded by raising $12,800.

Eden Books is the platform it is thanks to the support of several authors, readers, and bloggers who joined our Advisory Boards, representing the diverse and unique voices of members within the romance community. With their help, Eden Books has been developed into a one-of-a-kind online bookstore and social media platform for the romance industry.

Eden Books is dedicated to providing a safe, supportive, inclusive platform that gives authors of all genders, races, ages, or sexual orientation the opportunity to promote and sell their original stories within the romance and women’s fiction genres.