Author Resources

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Author Services
Round Table Author Services
Caroline Andrus
Hot Tree Self-Publishing
JW Author Services

Silvia’s Reading Corner
Edit for Content
Karen Sanders Editing
The Indie Hub
Mountains Wanted Indie Author Services & Publishing
Rachel Walter: Developmental Editor
Hot Tree Editing
Edit LLC
Kathryn McNeill Crane

Sensitivity Editors
Molli Moran

Wordsmith Proofreading
Hawkeyes Proofing
Proofing With Style

Cover Designers
Kris Norris Book Covers
T.E. Black Design Company
Q Design Cover and Brand Premades
Utterly Charming Designs
Pink Elephant Designs
Wildlake Creative
Fiona Jayde Media

Book Formatters

Teasers and Notes from the Modern Belle

Marketing/PR firms
L. Woods PR
Indiesage PR
Buoni Amici Press

Promo Item Production


Pa Extraordinaire Swag and Services