Author FAQs

Authors matter to us. No bullsh*t, just common sense.

What makes Eden Books different from Amazon or iBooks?

We are genre specific: romance and women’s fiction only! More than that, we are making sure authors have control over how their books are sold. Each author has their own “store” and can sell books and other merchandise. There’s also a social media side, so authors and readers can talk about books and buy them from one site. One stop shopping! Authors deserve a supportive and encouraging online bookstore that takes a common sense, interactive approach to selling the stories WE love. We listen to the community and are addressing the concerns, needs, and wants of authors and readers.

Some authors have been hurt by a previous “all romance” e-bookstore. Why should we trust you?

We know all about that other online retailer. We feel heartbroken for the authors who were hurt by them. We believe in FULL TRANSPARENCY! Authors will be sent quarterly reports showing Eden Books’ financials, and all who interact with us will have access to our annual report. This report will not only discuss our previous fiscal year (January-December), but will outline plans and projects for the coming year. Additionally, we plan to retain our Author Advisory Board (AAB) and Reader Advisory Board (RAB) so that we are held accountable.

Please remember: we work for you!

You say “no limits, no restrictions” but do you really mean that? 

We do! We want authors to write the stories they feel compelled to write. We want covers that represent the stories. We don’t want stories that involve pedophilia or bestiality, and yeah, no penis pictures, but we’re open to pretty much everything else.

We encourage authors to categorize taboo stories as such! There’s an enormous reader base for taboo stories!

Are you a distributor or publisher?

No, we are only an online retailer.

Are traditionally published authors allowed or is this strictly for independent authors?

ALL romance and women’s fiction authors are welcomed. Our goal is to support the romance genre and industry fully.

What will royalty payments be?

We believe a 70/30 distribution on sales is fair. Of course, that is 70% to authors!

How are books delivered to readers post purchase?

We are a direct to device platform! Authors will chose the format to sell in (mobi, epub or both).

Are authors charged a delivery fee based on file size?

No! We’re trying to keep money in your wallet! We strongly encourage authors to price their books fairly based on file size.

Will accounts be required to buy a book?

Yes. Personal, password protected accounts will be required to purchase books. As with other retailers, buyers will  have access to their purchase history and the ability to re-download if needed.

Will my information be kept private?

YES! We will never share or divulge personal information without expressed, written permission. Our site is housed on a private dedicated server and has the highest level of certification currently available for e-commerce sites.

Are we required to be exclusive to Eden Books?

Absolutely not! We want your books on as many platforms as possible. We want you to sell as many books as possible to support your creativity and the life you want to live. We hope you chose Eden Books as one of those platforms.

Will there be a membership fee or strictly price per purchase?

NO membership fees! Life is expensive enough. We are strictly price per purchase.

Will readers see recommendations for other similar books?

Yes! Readers will see books by the same author or within the same categories.

Will gifting a book to family, friends, and others be an option?

We are working to make it so! At this time, gift cards are available to purchase in any denomination.

Can pre-orders be set? 


Can I change the cover of my books if I update it?

Not only will you be able to update it but the new cover will show immediately. No delays.

Are paperbacks and audiobooks allowed?

They will be! We’ll let you know when we’ve got the details worked out.

What is the return policy?

Downloadable items, including books received as prizes or given as gifts, are non-returnable and non-refundable. Please take care when ordering to ensure you have purchased the correct format and title before completing your transaction. If you have concerns about your purchase, please contact
Gift cards are non-returnable and non-refundable for any reason.

Will readers be allowed to leave a review (and it actually stay)?

YES, YES, YES! That is, yes. We believe STRONGLY in the power of reviews. We also believe the reader’s relationship to the author should be disclosed. If a blogger received an ARC, they should state that. If a reviewer is a beta reader for the author, they should state that (and maybe talk about that experience). If a reader is an author’s greatest fan, they should state that.

Will there be a ranking system?

We are working to make this happen. We’ll keep you updated.

Are ISBN numbers required?

No. We are working to establish the Eden Books Identification Number.

Will a monthly subscription plan be available to readers?

We hope so! We know it’s one great way to attract new readers. But it really depends on the authors.

Will royalties be determined by page reads?

No, we really dislike that format. We want something that is fair across the board for authors. We have a proposed payment plan under review with our Author Advisory Board. Stay tuned for more information on this!

Will something similar to the bouncy box be available and available to those in other countries?

We are working on it. No one should be excluded because of geography!

Is there be a dashboard?

Absolutely! All the information you need in one area.

When are authors paid?

Monthly! Payouts will occur on the 15th of each month for the prior month sales: eg June sales will payout on July 15th, July sales will payout on August 15th, and so on.

What forms of payment are accepted?


Will EB have sites in Canada, the UK, and Australia?

It really depends on the author and reader response and growing to a point that we can comfortably move into other countries.

So all sales will be in US dollars? 

Yes, we are working to offer a currency converter* to allow international readers the ability to pay in their home currency. *Buyers may have fees applied

Are author accounts different from reader accounts?

They are! All who choose to interact on our social media platform and/or purchase books will be required to have a password protected account. Authors will apply to sell their books and merchandise on Eden Books and, when approved, will have access to the Author Dashboard.

Can I advertise on the Eden Books?

Yes!  Our rates are based on Click Per Month for only $20 for the entire month.*  Please visit our Advertise on Eden page for more information.

*Rates are subject to change

Is there a newsletter for authors?

There is! Sign up for our newsletter at:

Is there someone I can contact with additional questions?

You bet! Contact Robyn Crawford, EB’s founder, at She’ll respond within 48 hours.